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Bushman Quickfire Burner


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Bushman Quickfire Burner

Bushman Quickfire Burner

Bushman Quickfire Burner

18" Metal Stand

Hibernation Cover

Lid Grid

Additional Area Delivery Charges


"Enjoy your evenings with the unique Bushman Quickfire Burner. The ultimate in maximum outdoor cooking and heat."

The Bushman Quickfire Burner is ideal for the medium size patio and a Family Sized garden. All our Bushman Burners are made from and use specially formulated Industrial aggregates which can withstand extreme temperatures and enables the Burner to be left outdoors all year round.

Using Lighter blocks, Smokeless coal or logs the Bushman Quickfire Burner will be hot after 25 mins gradually raising to its ultimate temperature shortly afterwards. When the burner has reached it's ultimate temperature it will radiate heat up to 8ft away. The Bushman Quickfire Burner will continue to burn at its maximum temperature for a further hour, reducing gradually over the next hour and a half. Simply add more Smokeless coal or logs to keep the burner at its maximum output for as long as you wish.

The Quickfire Classic Burner is also great for cooking. The 18" Weber replacement grid fits perfectly into the bottom of the burner. Simply take out the fire grate, make a charcoal fire in the bottom of the burner, put in the cooking grate and cook until you're heart is content. Also consider the free standing rotisserie in front of the fire.

Product Specification:
Size: 130 cms x 65 cms
Weight: 110 kgs approx
Mouth Size: 45 cms x 35 cms (W x H)
Effective Heat: 6 - 8 people
Ideal Setting: Medium Patio or Family Sized Garden

Included with the Bushman Midi Burner:
8" Metal Stand,
Rain Lid
Fire Grate

* BEST BUY rating from Gardens Made Easy

Price includes VAT and UK *Mainland delivery

!Accessories availble to purchase (when ordering a burner):

18" Metal Stand:
This stand gives the burner an alternative height, great if you are going to use the Burner as cooker as well. No more groveling on the floor. Fantastic if you are going to stand the burner next to a table allowing you to stare into those mesmerising flames. It also has a handy shelf built in.

Lid Grid:
This fantastic little accessory fits into the top of the chimney of all our Burners. It has a multi purpose use firstly, it supports the lid of the top of the burner allowing the smoke to pass around the lid. Secondly, you can use it as a support for a frying pan wok or griddle allowing you to cook on the top of the burner.

Poker Hook:
The Poker Hook is a great little accessory for prodding the fire, re-locating coals or adjusting the position of logs. Ideal for the wood burning ovens and the burners.

Hibernation Cover:
Designed primarily to keep wild and domestic animals out of your Burner The hibernation covers are made from a durable green nylon weave which will assist in keeping the burners dry in the worst weather this means that if you want to use your burner during the wet winter months it will come up to temperature a lot faster.

Covering your Bushman Burner with a hibernation cover does not guarantee that your burner will not be affected by a severe frost. To protect completely against a frost, cover your Burner when dry with an old blanket and then with the hibernation cover. Remember to remove all the sand and ash from the base of the burner before covering.


Delivery Details for Bushman Burners

Please Note Important details below regarding Deliveries:

Most of the deliveries in the UK for the Bushman Burners are made by Palletline.

All deliveries are usually made on a Friday and will take place between 09:00 and 17:00 unless you have asked for a specific timed delivery. The delivery date will be confirmed before delivery is made to ensure that there will be someone home. If items have been arranged for delivery and no one is home when the Carrier calls, the Carrier may charge for a re-delivery.

Your delivery will normally be made on a large 18t ridged vehicle with tail lift (this is about the same size as a large Council Refuse collection Lorry). When placing your order - Please make sure that you notify us of any access issues such as narrow lanes, low bridges and weight limits as we (and the Carrier) cannot be held responsible for any non delivery due to any access restrictions.

Once the driver has arrived at your delivery point, it is the drivers responsibility to remove your purchase from his truck with a pump truck and take it as far onto your property as possible. However, pump trucks do not work on grass or gravel and will not go up and down steps .Should any of these conditions apply to your delivery, then the driver will make your delivery to the Kerbside and it will be up to you to arrange the moving of your purchase onto your property.

Under Health and Safety rules and regulations, the drivers are not allowed to lift more than 28 kgs so they will be unable to lift or help unpack your delivery.

Once the delivery has been made a Signature will be required for acceptance of your delivery.

In preparation for delivery, all our Bushman Burners are shrink wrapped onto a pallet using clear plastic. This will give you an excellent view of the product so please ensure that you CHECK the product for any damage at the time of delivery and before signing any paperwork as you will be unable to claim for any damages against the Carrier on items signed for.

Please Note:

DO NOT sign for any items as UNCHECKED as this will be taken that the product has been delivered in good order.

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