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Dino Backloader Attachment


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Dino Backloader AttachmentDino Backloader AttachmentDino Backloader AttachmentDino Backloader Attachment
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Dino Backloader Attachment

Front Lifting System

Rear Lifting System


Price shown is for the Back Loader attachment ONLY

Designed to be used with the Dino range of tractor go karts, this Back Loader attachment which is made in Germany, will provide the children with many hours of fun. Hook up with the Lifting System Attachment and then to your Dino go kart and off you go - it's that simple.

This attachment can be used on either the front or back of the go kart.

Dino Backloader Attachment Features

* Painted Galvanised Steel
* Easy Fitting
* Easy to swap Attachments

Please Note:

Depending on whether you are going to use your attachments on the front or back of your go-kart, you MUST use either a Dino Front Lifting Attachment or a Dino Rear Lifting System Attachment for the Backloader to work.

This Backloader Attachment is just one addition from our range of trailers and attachments that can be added to your go kart to provide excitement for your children to enjoy.

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