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Large Wood Fired Pizza Oven


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Large Woodburning Pizza Oven

Large Woodburning Pizza Oven

Large Woodburning Pizza Oven

Large Woodburning Pizza Oven

Long Pizza Peel


Lid Grid

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Handmade in UK 1 Handmade in the UK Handmade in UK 2

This large wood burning Roman Pizza Oven!! that we manufacture is unique. Although it is based upon ancient Roman designs - we use 21st century materials. We make the Roman Oven from durable long lasting thermal weather resistant aggregate and inert cements which make the oven safe for cooking. The finish is usually a rustic style that is safe to touch in that it will not burn the skin.

Width: 1.26 m (4' 1") approx
Length: 1.42 m (4' 8") approx
Weight: 280 kgs (770 lbs) approx
Pizza Oven Mouth: 41 cms x 24 cms (1' 4" x 9.5") width x height - approx
Fitted with Terracotta base

The Roman Pizza Oven!! has a foot print of approximately 5' x 4'. The Large Oven has 16x 1" thick loose fitting Terracotta floor tiles that form the heat sink for baking the perfect Pizza as well as meat cooking, bread baking etc. Once heated, these tiles will keep warm for hours enabling you to cook all types of mediterranean dishes and slow roasts.

The Floor of the oven is cast in one piece therefore making it quick and easy to set up.

Price includes VAT and UK *Mainland delivery

Accessories to purchase (when buying oven):
Long Handled Pizza Peel:
A 12" wide, aluminium bread / pizza peel. Essential for getting pizzas, roasting tins or pots in and out of the our Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Wood Burning Oven thermometer:
For the Pizza Oven, this is a big dial oven thermometer. Simply slide to the very back of the oven and read the position of the big red dial. You will find that the "10 O'Clock" position on the dial is great for slow roast casarols or ceftico, that the "12 O'Clock" position on the dial is for normal roasting and the "2 O'Clock" position on the dial is ideal for pizzas and grilling.

Lid Grid:
This fantastic little accessory fits into the top of the chimney of all our Burners. It has a multi purpose use firstly, it supports the lid of the top of the burner allowing the smoke to pass around the lid. Secondly, you can use it as a support for a frying pan wok or griddle allowing you to cook on the top of the burner.

Please Note:
This Oven does NOT include the Black Flue Extension or the Aluminium Cowl. Please call for details


Important details regarding delivery of this Pizza Oven:

Most of the deliveries in the UK for this Pizza Oven are made by Palletline. All deliveries are usually made on a Friday and will take place between 09:00 and 17:00 Your delivery date will be confirmed before delivery is made to ensure that there will be someone home. If items have been arranged for delivery and no one is home when the carrier calls, the carrier may charge for a re-delivery and For Outdoors reserve the right to charge for the second delivery.

Your delivery will normally be made on a large 18t ridged vehicle with tail lift (this is about the same size as a large council refuse collection lorry). When placing your order - Please make sure that you notify us, either by entering details in the special instructions box on the checkout page or by telling us if ordering by telephone, of any access issues such as narrow lanes, low bridges and weight limits as we (and the carrier) cannot be held responsible for any non delivery due to any access restrictions.

Once the driver has arrived at your delivery point, it is the drivers responsibility to remove your purchase from his truck with a pump truck and take it as far onto your property as possible. However, pump trucks do not work on grass or gravel and will not go up and down steps. Should any of these conditions apply to your delivery, then the driver will make your delivery to the Kerbside and it will be up to you to arrange the moving of your purchase onto your property.

Under Health and Safety rules and regulations, the drivers are not allowed to lift more than 28 kgs so they will be unable to lift or help unpack your delivery.

Once the delivery has been made a Signature will be required for acceptance of your delivery.

In preparation for delivery, this Pizza Oven is shrink wrapped onto a pallet using clear plastic. This will give you an excellent view of the product so please ensure that you CHECK the product for any damage at the time of delivery and before signing any paperwork as you will be unable to claim for any damages against the Carrier on items that have been signed for.

Please Note:
DO NOT sign for any items as UNCHECKED as this will be taken that the product has been delivered in good order.

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