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Rules for Limbo

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Basic Rules for playing Garden Limbo:

Limbo can be played by any number of players. Rules for playing Limbo are very simple and easy to follow.

Direction of the game:

Unless you choose to allow directional variation in the game (all players must agree), you must approach the cross bar facing forward.

You may not change direction in the middle of your turn to make going under the cross bar easier.

This includes twisting at the waist, since the point of the game is to show how far you can bend.

All players have to use the same direction for their turn to make the contest fair.

The point of this is to force you to bend backward, challenging your flexibility and strength.

Taking Turns:

Players who are walking or dancing under the limbo bar have to go under the bar one at a time.

No one may assist you under the bar and you must wait until the person ahead of you is completely out from under the bar before taking your turn.

If everyone is eliminated during a round, the round is repeated.

Standing (Being Out):

You are considered "out" if you can't remain standing while going under the limbo bar.

Standing means that only your feet are touching the floor and you aren't holding onto anyone else, yourself or to the pole or pole stands.

This means that you need good balance and that you'll need to demonstrate increased strength as the bar goes lower.

Touching the Cross Bar or Supports:

Touching the cross bar or supports during your turn is not allowed.

If you do happen to touch either the cross bar or supports - you are out of the game.

You must clear all parts of the cross bar and structure to advance to the next round.

Lowering of the Cross Bar:

Everyone must have a turn at the same height before the cross bar is lowered to the next height.
After each round the cross bar may be lowered for those that cleared it in the previous round.

There is no set requirement for how much the limbo pole may be lowered for each turn.

The cross bar keeps getting lowered until the last person clears it.

The winner is the individual that gets under the cross bar at its lowest height without falling or touching the bar

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