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Rules for Skittles

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General Rules for playing Garden Skittles:

As with most games you will find various variations on the rules to which a game can be played. As there are so many regional variations on this game, we have decide to give you the simply version of rules for Garden Skittles - also known as Nine Pin Skittles.

Make arrangements for the teams. Skittles can be played by any number of players, either playing as an individual, as a pair or as part of a team. If playing Skittles in pairs or teams please make sure that you have equal number of players on every side. If playing in teams try and not make the teams too large in size otherwise the game will go on far too long.

Then agree amongst the players, pairs or teams over how many legs the game will be played.

Normally each player will throw for three legs - each leg consisting of 3 balls. So if you are playing 3 legs per player, then that's 9 balls to be thrown by each player. The number of legs thrown per player can be varied to suit the occasion and local rules.

To play the game, set up the nine skittles in a diamond formation (3 rows of 3 with the King Pin in the middle) with each skittle approx 16.5 cms (6½") apart.

Then each player takes it in turn to throw or bowl their three balls from the agreed throwing point. The throwing point is normally 5 metres away from the skittles. You can, if you want to make the game longer, extend this distance.

For each skittle knocked down, 1 point is scored. If all 9 skittles are knocked down with either the first or second ball, then the skittles are reset and the player gets an extra free throw with his third ball. This can be repeated three times and therefore giving a possible score for a leg of 27 (3 x 9).

The score for each leg is added to the individual, pair or teams overall score.

The winner is the individual, pair or team that has the highest points score after all the agreed number of legs have been played.

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