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Viking WASP II Industrial Metal Detector


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Viking WASP II Industrial Metal Detector

Viking WASP II Industrial Metal Detector



Polo Head Protection Cover

"Recommended for All Industrial Users"

The Viking WASP II Box Locator has become an industry favourite Metal Detector within the water industry and is now used by many other Utility Companies. With it's larger Concentric Polo-Style Search Head it features a deep seeking All-Metal mode and Pinpoint pushbutton for accurate locating of targets

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Viking WASP II Industrial Spec.

Viking has been manufacturing and supplying the Major Utility Companies with Industrial Metal Detectors since the 1970's, with the bigger brother of the Viking WASP - Viking WASP II becoming an Industry favourite with the Utility Companies.

The Viking WASP II Metal Detector features the same highly visible black and yellow colouring as its little brother the WASP Metal Detector. With it's larger Concentric Polo-Style Search Head it features a deep seeking All-Metal mode and Pinpoint pushbutton for accurate locating of targets.

* Lightweight 1.4 kgs (3lbs 7oz)
* Waterproof 24 cms (9½") Search Head
* Fully Extended Length: 130 cms (4' 3")
* Dismantled Length: 50 cms (1' 7½ ")

* Non-Motion Detecting
* Pinpoint Button
* Built-in Loudspeaker
* Headphone Socket
* Concentric Search Coils
* Telescopic Shaft
* High Visibility Casing
* Up to 20 Hours use from a Single PP3 Battery

All detectors are covered by a full 24 months guarantee on parts and labour (except for batteries)

Control Panel

Control Panel

This picture is to show the Control / Display panel of the Viking Wasp II Industrial Metal Detector which shows the following:

* Tuning
* Pinpoint Button
* Headphone Socket

Head Cover

Head Cover

The Search head of a Metal Detector is the single most expensive component of each of the Metal Detectors in our range.

This 24 cms Metal Detector Head Cover fits tightly over the search head to protect it from scratches or getting damaged, caused by hitting stones or other sharp objects whilst detecting. This Metal Detector Head Cover comes in black and is designed to fit our 24 cms Polo search head models.

Product features:
* Protects search head
* 24 cms diameter
* Black finish
* Removable for cleaning
* Easily replaceable

Fits the following models:
Viking VK40
Viking WASP II



Using a Viking Holdall will help with much more than just carrying your Metal Detector. It will stop the Metal detector from getting both scratched and damaged or dirty when not in use.

This Shoulder Carry Holdall will accept any of the Viking range of Metal Detectors when dismantled. The bag has one large compartment to hold the Metal Detector and will also hold many accessories in addition.

Product features:
* Sturdy Nylon construction
* Shoulder Carrying Strap
* Carrying handle
* Secure Zip Fastening



Headphones are particularly useful when using a Non-Motion Metal Detector. This quality and comfortable pair fully covers the ears, blocking out external noise and allowing even the smallest signal from the Metal Detector to be heard.

Product features:
* ¼” Stereo Jack plug
* Twin Volume controls
* Padded Earpieces and head strap
* Stereo / Mono Selector switch

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