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Zip Wire Kits
Zip Wire Kits
Zip Wire Equipment
Zip Wire Equipment
Zip Wire FAQs
Zip Wire FAQs
Zip Wire Supports and Dimensions:
Zip Wire Supports and Dimensions:

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ZWCCan't find what you are looking for, then please take a look at our dedicated website for zip wires at The Zip Wire Company

Sit back and experience the thrill of some of the world's most extreme zip wire runs - without leaving the ground. Watch these short videos and enjoy the ride..... There is sound with these - so make sure you switch on your speakers and feel the buzz....

What a fantastic view on this Zip Wire in Alaska....Hold on tight - Here Goes - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1......

Now take a breathtaking ride on the fastest Zip Wire line in the world

and if you are in the UK, then take a look at this fantastic zip wire ride over a water filled quarry which can be found along with other exhilarating rides at Adrenalin Quarry - Cornwall

Would you like to see some fantastic zip wire pictures - then follow this link

Some information on our Zip Wires:

Here is something that all the family can have hours of fun of enjoyment with - a fantastic zip wire.

Available in a range of sizes from 25m up to 100m - a zip wire which is also known as an Aerial Runway, Flying Fox and Tyrolean Crossing, will give many hours of fun and adrenalin filled rides to everyone in the family from children to parents and grand parents alike.

For Outdoors sell 2 types of zip wires both offering real great value for money including the Junior Zip Wire which is a fantastic product for the younger members of the family and that has everything all ready in one box. Ready to install quickly, this will give you a zip wire run up to approx 28m - depending on how much wire is needed to fix either to supports or trees.

The more popular and best selling zip wires that we sell are the Adult Zip Wire Kits which can be used in either a domestic or commercial environment. Although a more expensive purchase initially, the adult zip wire is made using better quality products which have been designed to meet a higher level of use.

Whichever zip wire you purchase you can rest assured that all parts of the kit both meet, have been tested and exceed required European Safety Standards while giving you real great value for money.

Please read our Zip Wire FAQ's which we hope will answer many of the questions you might have in order to help you decide which zip wire or zip wire kit is best suited to your needs.

If in any doubt or you have any questions on anything please call us on:
01344 750788 and we will be happy to advise you.

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