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Dino Excavator Trailer


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Dino Excavator Trailer Dino Excavator Trailer Dino Excavator Trailer
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Dino Excavator Trailer


Price shown is for the Excavator Trailer attachment ONLY

You will need an MPT to use this trailer

Designed to be used with the Dino range of go karts, this Excavator Trailer attachment which is made in Germany, will provide the children with many hours of fun.

Hook it onto the interchangeable Multi Purpose Trailer and then to your Dino go kart and off you go - it's that simple.

Dino Excavator Trailer Features:

* Steel Tubular Frame
* Pneumatic Tyres
* Easy Fitting
* Easy to swap Bodies

Dino Additional Trailers:

You will need a Multi Purpose Trailer (MPT) so that you can use this trailer and some of the other trailers in the Dino range. Below is a list of Trailer attachments that can be used with a MPT trailer.

If you need to, you can Buy a Multi Purpose Trailer HERE

* Dino Stand-up Trailer
* Dino Twin Seat Trailer

Each of the trailer bodies is easily attached to the multi purpose trailer by using 2 quick release pins. This ensures that the body is securely fitted to the chassis and yet makes it easy enough to change bodies if required.

Other Dino Trailers that are available:

* Dino Dumpy Trailer
* Dino Dumper Trailer
* Dino Tipping Trailer

These trailers are both easy and very simple to attached to the go karts.

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