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Zip Wire Kits for use with Supports

Zip Wire Kits for use with Supports

Junior Zip Wire HD Kit

Recommended age: 6 - 10 years

Maximum user weight: 63 kgs (10 stone)

Looking for a Zip Wire that can give younger children many hours of fun? Then look no further as we have the perfect children's zip wire kit for them. This NEW and IMPROVED Heavy Duty junior zip wire kit gives you all you need to be up.... hanging or riding, in no time at all using a few simple tools that can be found in most tool boxes.

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Recommended age: 6 - 10 years

Maximum user weight: 63 kgs (10 stone)

This fantastic product which comes with everything you need in one box, including a button seat, and gives you really great value for money. This improved heavy duty (HD) version with both metal internal components and smooth running metal wheels, comes with 30m (approx 98ft) of 4 mm wire and an all-weather housing casing, giving a great fun ride for young children up to the maximum user weight of 63 kgs (10 stone)*

By following the enclosed easy to follow and illustrated fitting instructions, and installed between 2 trees or supports in the garden, your children's zip wire will be ready to use in no time at all and will give them many hours of enjoyable fun. Use the zip wire with the seat attached or if you feel brave then take the seat off and use by hanging from the anti-slip grip handles.

It is strongly recommended that all clamps and other connections be checked on a regular basis, with a minimum inspection before starting use each time it is to be used. If the equipment is to be continually used for long periods of time, then we recommend you check more regularly to ensure complete safety. It is also advised that you keep an eye on the tightness of the cable over time and re-tension the cable if required.

DO NOT exceed maximum user weight under any circumstances. For safety reasons, it is advised to operate this junior zip wire HD on level ground only and under adult supervision at all times.

What's in the box?:

  • Steel Cable - (length 30 m, Ø 4 mm)
  • All weather Plastic trolley with Injection moulded HDPE housing
  • All Metal Internal including 2 Long Lasting Metal Wheels
  • Anti-slip Grip Handle
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Cable Tensioning Device
  • Rope and Plastic Monkey Swing Seat
  • Other Fittings
  • Full easy to follow and illustrated Fitting Instructions

Please follow these simple Do and Don't rules:
Whilst this Junior zip wire HD kit will provide many hours of fun to all children - Please make sure that you read and follow these simple Do's and Don'ts:


  • Make sure that this is used under adult supervision at all times
  • Make sure that this is only be used by children between the ages of 6 - 10 only (max weight - 63 kgs -10 stone)
  • Make sure that you allow plenty of room in which to operate this junior zip wire
  • Make sure and check, at least once a week, that all bits are in a safe and good working order before use
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Cable Tensioning Device


  • DO NOT allow to be used by more than 1 child at a time
  • DO NOT exceed the Maximum user weight: 63 kgs (10 stone)
  • DO NOT allow the chidren to stand on the seat

Either take the rope seat attachment off and hang from the anti-slip handlebar or adjust the rope seat to be able to sit on the zip wire while holding on to the handle.

Safety Information:
This childrens junior zip wire HD conforms with European standards as inspected by TUV Nord GmbH and conforms with the following European standards:
EN71-3 and EN71-8

This product is for family domestic use only.

Placement of the Juinor Zip Wire HD:
For safety reasons you should try and construct your childrens zip wire HD on level ground only.

Please allow plenty of free space either side of the zip wire, in the area where the zip wire is to be placed.

Fitting of the button seat:
In order to add the button seat to the junior zip wire HD trolley - please remove the bottom screw set in the housing and then place the seat attachment through this hole that the screw has been removed from.

Under no circumstances must anyone stand on the seat.

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Frequently asked questions about our zip wires

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Is zip wire equipment safe?

All the zip wire equipment that we sell is very safe if installed and used correctly. The equipment has been fully tested for safety and not only do they comply with, but they also meet and exceed, all necessary required European Safety standards.

I want to build a zip wire run for my children, which one do you advise to use?

This is a difficult one to answer.

Basically there is a choice of two types of zip wires that can be used by children depending on their age and the size of the children. The junior zip wire has been specifically designed for light to medium use by younger children between the ages of 6 -9 years old and with a max weight of 57kgs (9 stone).

Then there is the adult zip wire which is of a better build and quality zip wire which is ideal for both domestic or commercial use and can be used by all members of the family.

Are there any recommended ages for using a zip wire?

Our recommendation for ages would be between 5 and 9 years old for the Junior zip wire and with the garden or commercial zip wires we would suggest an age of 5+.

It is important to remember that any zip wire being used by children should ideally be supervised by an adult at all times.

What is the difference between all the kits?

Well let's start with the 10mm kits. You will notice that there are three types of kits to suit all requirements - tree to tree, tree to support or support to support.

Then within those kits you will then find a choice of trolleys, hence Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Pro, some with additional accessories like a handle grip too - Pro Plus. Generally speaking the more the price of your kit, the better quality of trolley and the quicker the trolley.

Now moving up to the 12mm kits and although these are basically the same as their 10mm equivalents, the main differences are the increased size of the wire, an uprated and upgraded spring brake (the spring being a bit stiffer and the fixing plate being much bigger and stronger) and finally an adjustable lanyard as opposed to a fixed one.

My garden/field is on a slope. Can I still install a zip wire?

Ideally zip wires at home are best installed on flat ground but with some consideration can be built on a slope.

You will need to be careful when working out you various heights at both the receiving and sending ends so that your run does not bottom out half way down the run.

If in any doubt we are happy to discuss this with you - please call us on: 0800 246 5801.

I have enough room to install a zip wire more than 100m long. Can I still install a zip wire?

Yes you can.

We sell a range of zip wires with lengths up to and exceeding 250+m.

Can we suggest that if you are planning to build a zip wire more than 100m long, that you call us first to discuss your plans.

I have a number of trees in the garden, can these be used to support the zip wire?

Yes trees in the garden are a good way of supporting a zip wire provided that you follow a few simple rules: Make sure that you are happy with the standard of the trees you are wanting to use. You need to have a clear line of sight between the two trees that you wish to use and enough clearance of approx 2m either side of the centre line.

You need to take into account the type, age and thickness of the tree to be used. A thinner tree will bend with the weight of the cable and through usage, so please be very selective. While it is not always possible to use two trees, it is possible to use one tree and then to build a support frame and platform at the other end.

We would strongly recommend that depending on the length of your proposed zip wire run, that you look at adding some strengthening guide wires to your less than established trees or support frames.

Can you suggest where I can buy any supports from?

You will not be able to buy readymade supports frames but you will be able to buy the wood needed to make them. We suggest that you look for a good wood/timber merchant or fencing specialist.

Please make sure that where ever you buy your posts from that they have been either treated with Tanalith 'e' or is made from micronised wood.

There are a number of good companies offering machined round wood timber in 150mm dia, in lengths of up to 7.2m and who should be able to deliver across the UK.

Take a look at these helpful companies:
M&M Timber - Midlands
CJ Timber - North Wales
Total Poles - North Kent

Can I install a zip wire myself?

Although you might be thinking that this is a task you don't want to do yourself, it really is not as hard as it might seem and therefore the simple answer to this is most definitely yes. In fact, over 90% of the kits we have sold have been installed by the person buying the kit.

The junior zip wire can be installed very quickly by 2 adults following the supplied fitting instructions between 2 trees or supports.

The adult zip wire will take 2 adults a bit longer depending on how it is to be installed. If running the zip wire from tree to tree, this can be as little as 60mins. If running from support to support, this can take longer due to having to construct the supports unless done in advance. If the supports are already built in advance then the fitting of the adult zip wire can take about 1 hour or less.

Do you supply fitting instructions with your zip wires?

Full fitting instructions are included with the junior zip wire kits which you will find very simple to follow.

With the adult zip wire, it is impossible to supply specific detailed fitting instructions as no two installations are the same and everyone's installation is unique. However, we do supply in the box a set of generic fitting instructions which will give you a good overview as to how to install your zip wire.

The secret, and one thing to bear in mind and remember, to installing your zip wire is that there is no real science involved.

The best bit of advice we can offer is to install your zip wire as per the generic instructions we provide, and then... tweak as necessary to suit your individual requirements.

What if I don't feel up to installing the zip wire myself. Can you suggest any installers for me to contact?

There are a number of companies available on the internet that will offer you a complete design, supply and install the job but you will find that these can be very expensive - starting from about £5,000+.

Unfortunately it is not really possible for someone to make a living purely from installing zip wires, however, we do know of someone that will offer you a complete package which includes:

  1. coming and carrying out a site survey, discussing and advising on your requirements.
  2. carrying out all aspects of your zip wire project - building your supports if needed, installation, testing and making any adjustments of your zip wire.
  3. carrying out yearly maintenance and testing

If this is something that is of interest, then please call us to discuss.

Alternatively, in the past our customers have made use of the services of a good friend who is capable of DIY, landscape gardeners that specialise in hard landscaping or a good builder. The same applies if you are looking for someone to build end supports.

How can we protect the tree from the cable?

It is a good idea to help protect the tree when you lasso the tree with the cable at the receiving end. One of the best ways to do this is to use some narrow logs or broom handles cut up into 9? lengths as a means of protecting the tree. You could also try using either part of an old tyre or some thick rubber hose (doubled up if possible).

What are the weight limits for your zip wires?

The weight limit for the junior zip wire is a maximum of 57kgs (9 stone)

While the adult zip wire, depending on which size wire you go for will take the following:

10mm wire will take up to a maximum weight limit of 127kgs (20 stone)

12mm wire will take up to a maximum weight limit of 158kgs (25 stone)

Junior / 8mm FAQs Show all ++ Hide all --

The junior zip wire is much cheaper than the adult zip wire - why?

Yes the junior zip wire is much cheaper and this is reflected in the materials used to make it.

It has to be appreciated that adult zip wires are more expensive because of the higher standard and better quality of the product supplied and that you can also look forward to a much longer life span of the equipment.

Either way you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

Can adults use the junior zip wire?

Although the junior zip wire has a user weight limit of 57kgs (9 stone) it strongly recommended that adults do not use the junior zip wire.

If you are considering a zip wire to take more than this weight, we suggest that you take a look at one of our other zip wire kits as these have a much higher user weight limit on them.

What is the weight limit for the junior zip wire?

The weight limit for the junior zip wire is a maximum of 57kgs (9 stone)

I see the junior zip wire comes with 30m of cable. Can I extend this?

Unfortunately not as this is the recommended length of wire for this zip wire.

Due to the need for safe use over a distance, if you want something longer you will have to take a look at our other zip wires.

Do you supply fitting instructions with the junior zip wire?

Full fitting instructions are included with the junior zip wire kits which you will find very simple to follow.

Does the junior zip wire come with everything?

Yes the junior zip wire comes with everything that you need in the one box.

It really is a question of taking out zip wire out of the box and with a few simple tools that can be found at home, installing the zip wire.

I see there's no brake with the junior zip wire?

Yes that's correct - there is no brake with the junior zip wire kit.

Because the junior zip wire has been designed to be installed on flat ground and with only a small difference in the heights at each end, the junior zip wire does not need and will not have a brake with it.

If you are looking for something faster and something that needs a brake, then please take a look at our other zip wire range.

10mm/12mm - FAQs Show all ++ Hide all --

Why are your family zip wires more expensive than the junior zip wire?

Yes our range of family zip wires are more expensive and this is reflected in the higher standard and better quality of materials used to make a better product. The other big advantage in using a family zip wire over a junior one is that you can also look forward to a much longer life span of the equipment.

Why should I upgrade to a 12mm zip wire kit?

Although the 10mm kits are generally very good for all the family to use up to about 60m in length, it is always worth considering upgrading to a 12mm zip wire kit.

The main reason being that although the wire is only a 2mm increase in size, it makes a big difference in the stability and performance of you zip wire. We have found over the years that depending on usage, the 10mm wire can stretch and will need re-tensioning, whereas the 12mm is not so problematic.

Using 12mm wire also means that you can make your zip wire much longer in length as well as carrying a higher weight load on the line. All this enhancing your overall experience of an exhilarating fun-filled pastime.

Commercial FAQs Show all ++ Hide all --

I'm looking to put in a commercial zip wire. Are there any rules I need to be aware of?

Yes there are a few things that you need to be aware of if you are installing a zip wire for use in a commercial area like a playground, farm shop or holiday park.

The first thing you need to know is that any installation that is to be used in a commercial area as indicated above must be installed in accordance with BS EN1176/7 and consequently inspected to make sure that these standards have been adhered to.

Secondly the normal maximum length permissible for use in this commercial situation is 35m and ideally should always be installed on level ground.

What size wire do you recommend for a commercial installation?

To be honest, you can use either the 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm or 19mm wire. The difference in the various size wire is the breaking strain and therefore the end user weight limit. With the 10mm wire the weight limit is 127kgs (20 stone), 12mm wire this will be extended to a maximum weight limit of 158kgs (25 stone).

The size of wire to use is determined by what kind of zip wire and what length you want to use.

Can I put a 10mm trolley onto 12mm wire and vice versa?

No, sorry you cannot do this. A 10mm trolley has been designed and made to work purely on a 10mm wire and the same with the 12mm trolley. Please make sure that you buy the correct trolley.

What if I don't feel up to installing the zip wire myself. Or I would like a much longer Commercial installation. Can you suggest any installers for me?

Yes we partner with some very good people that can both design, build and install a commercial zip wire run for you. We are happy to take some details and pass them on for you, if so please contact us to discuss further.

Can I use the 12mm commercial zip wire in my garden?

Yes, of course, you can. In fact, doing so will give a bigger maximum user weight limit on your ride. Also if you use a 12mm in your garden you do not have to use the enclosed 12mm trolley or conform to the installation standard of BS EN1176/7.

If installing a 12mm zip wire run in your garden it does give you the option of having a much longer run. Please call us for further advice or to discuss.

Delivery Information - Zip Wires

We do our utmost to deliver your product as quickly as possible. Delivery is normally within 48 hours of despatch from receipt of payment for mainland England, Wales and most of Scotland. Delivery is normally within 2-5 days of despatch from receipt of payment for Scottish Higlands, Scottish Islands and the Rest of Europe.

Please allow 10 working days from receipt of payment before informing us of non-delivery

Deliveries through the high season and over bank holiday periods may take longer.

You will be advised of a more accurate delivery time once your order has been placed.

Delivery of your product will be made by a variety of overnight delivery companies and depends on the product ordered.

Please see the list attached for delivery costs.

Delivery Address Delivery Cost
Mainland UK & Wales Free Delivery
Scottish Highlands Please Call
All Other Locations Please Call

Please appreciate that while we at For Outdoors are more than happy to help with advice and answer your questions, any advice or guidance given by For Outdoors is for guidance only.

Zip wires (also known as Zip Lines, Aerial Runways, Flying Foxes or Tyrolean crossings) can be dangerous if installed incorrectly or on the wrong sort of site and it is therefore strongly advised that the customer, who is buying this equipment, should carry out their own risk assessment of the area/site to be used and must be happy that they are satisfied with this risk assessment.

It is highly recommended that you carry out a safety inspection on completion of the installation of the zip wire equipment and that the equipment should be continually inspected on a regular basis.

Due to the various construction & installation methods used by our customers and which are outside of our control, For Outdoors cannot be held responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur during the installation and subsequent use of any zip wires or zip wire equipment supplied by us if incorrectly fitted.

If in any doubt or you have any questions on anything please call us on 0800 246 5801 and we will be happy to advise you.